Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mood disorder subset in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year exhibit depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in winter. People may sleep too much or have little energy. The condition in the summer can include heightened anxiety.

As per my research which started with mental health and mental illnesses in Sweden, I found that SAD is one of the most common mental illnesses that affect people in Umeå. However, this illness is seen mostly in people that visit  or  stay in Umeå for a short period of time. It is especially seen in people coming from warmer and sunny areas of the world.
The main question that arose from my research was...
My research and the survey helped me reach a conclusion of attempting to create interactive therapy, a classroom that would help people cope with their winter blues. My classroom arose at Nydala Lake, the hub of student interaction and connection to Nature. Here, I designed the Road to Happiness through a series of Light Paintings defining various activities of a classroom. The Light Paintings were symbolic of how these activities could help bring joy despite the darkness. 
Photography Credits: Maxim Kimmerle (
The final classroom design
The most important thing we need to remember...
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